Tuesday, May 7, 2013

High Tea at the Ponte Vedra Lodge and Club

Hello Darlings!!! Today's post is all about a wonderful little experience called "High Tea".  It is offered everyday, 3pm at The Ponte Vedra Lodge and Club in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.
In order to enjoy this complimentary taste sensation, you need to do one of three things:
1) Join the club
2) Attend as a guest of a club member, or
3) Be a registered guest of the Lodge and Club Hotel.

My wonderful in-laws, Jim and Barbara Carter, are members of the club, so we are fortunate enough to attend High Tea whenever we are visiting them in Ponte Vedra. We love it! So I am going to tell you all about it, Foodie Friends! I guarantee you will get some fabulous planning ideas for your next party!

First, you are warmly welcomed by two fine gentlemen at the lovely entrance to the Club. As you enter, it feels grand yet cozy, with the ocean just steps away...

The lobby is spacious with lots of comfy seating and fresh flowers.
Then its time to head up the stairs, just in time for high tea!
Piping hot water is ready and served in lovely silver. They offer a variety of teas as well as iced tea and iced water for those not looking for a warm drink.
I love the little teapots! You bring them to your table after you have chosen
 your tea and hot water. After steeping for a few minutes, just pour and enjoy.
Next comes the best part! They serve tea sandwiches, scones, and
desserts on a triple tiered server! It's simply delectable!
(I'm just trying to sound fancy, ha ha)
By far, my favorite tasting treat are the homemade scones! I spread a little
lemon curd on top, close my eyes, and suddenly I feel as if I am on
 an episode of Downton Abbey...
We did a little research, and it is traditionally called "High Tea" because it used to be served on high or tall tables. I'm guessing the more modernized version is to serve the treats on tiered servers or cake pedestals, thus making them "High".
Needless to say, the view at The Ponte Vedra Lodge & Club is
delightful, even on a dreary day! I hope you enjoyed learning about "High
Tea" as much as I did! Ta Ta for now!

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