Monday, February 7, 2011

Fire & Ice Party

This has been quite a winter so far. What is there to do with all this snow and ice?

Hmm...I know!!!

How about, let's make the best of it?! Yes! We can carve out a sledding/tubing trail in a hilly backyard (compliments of Jon and Kim) and then do all kinds of outdoor decorating to make it fun and inviting. Take a look at what you can do!

Now I know you are thinking, "Wait, Fifi! This is supposed to be a FOOD blog!" Yes, you are right, this IS a food blog. But it is also about lots of other fabulous things, like great entertaining,  travel tips, and  more!

Anyway, back to making the best of wintry weather buy having a Fire and Ice Party.... here is a welcoming little snowman, inviting all to join in the winter fun!

You can carve out a "luge", complete with twists, turns, and tunnels!

Don't forget a kiddie hill, for the little ones.

You can make a roaring fire, for a cozy way to stay warm and chat with friends!

  Then build a snow bar over your patio tables, and illuminate with white or rainbow lights underneath. If you poke holes thru the snow, you will get the full "lighting ambiance"... then stick beverages in the snow on top for easy selection!

Your can help your guests fend off the chill by serving them a warm appetizer (such as the Mini Reubens pictured below)  for grabbing in between rides down the hill! Ask those who attend to bring cookies for a sugary treat.

Watch your friends GO, slide, flop, scream and more!! Keep a camera handy........

What's better than that? Of course, we all wouldn't mind basking in the sun under a palm tree. But there is so much beauty... (and free, wholesome fun!) in enjoying all four of the seasons. Plus getting all that fresh air and oxygen will help you have a good night's sleep, and it will definitely put a smile on your face. So put on your hats and gloves, and get going!!



  2. Jill
    It was the greatest winter party idea ever!! What a great job making it special.
    Thanks for the photos.

  3. This was the best fun we have had in a long time!!! I appreciate the snow so much more now!

  4. Mini Reubens are my new favorite appetizer!!

  5. I second that. Face plants in the snow on the luge and all.