Monday, August 30, 2010

Dinner Table Decor from Mimi's Mint Patch

Thanks to my mother in law Barbara, we have a healthy patch of fresh spearmint growing in the backyard. Mint is a perennial that grows fast and furious, with little or no attention. It is an especially good choice for pots or planters, due to its invasive, spreading roots. The mint will continue to grow up until the first frost. And then, in the spring it will start all over again!

Here is a pretty and practical table setting idea. All you need is some mint and some small vases, bottles, or glasses (or, some of each!). After setting the table, fill each small container with some water and a little bunch of mint. Then, simply place one on each dinner plate before your guests arrive. It adds a healthy, fresh shade of green to the table setting. Plus the best part is, it's useful as well!

How lovely! But you may be asking: "Fifi, what do you mean useful?"

Here is the fun part! After dinner transfer each bunch of mint to a mug. Then just boil some water, pour into each mug, and serve with sugar or honey, whichever you prefer. This fabulous, fresh mint tea can be served on its own, or alongside dessert! The taste of fresh mint tea is surprisingly different (and better) than any dried mint tea leaves you've tried in the past. Plus, mint tea is soothing to the stomach and aids in digestion. This will ensure that all your friends leave with happy tummies!

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  1. Oh, I like this!! It would go down a lot better than my usual coffee & chocolates..much more refreshing :)