Friday, August 20, 2010


When I first laid eyes upon this festive way to serve drinks, I was at the Carnaval de Quebec, in Quebec City, where most everything is made of ice! Their annual winter carnival is loads of fun and a must see! (Dress warmly, though) here is a link to the 2011 festivities:

Anyway, here is an amusing way to "wow" your guests, anytime of the shot glasses!

These fun little guys are easy to make and then store in a zip lock bag in the freezer. The molds are made by a company named "Fred" and I purchased them at my local Homegoods. The molds are also available at  

You can serve any beverage you choose in them! I am planning to serve Limoncello this weekend. An interesting looking after dinner drink would be Blue Curacao. If you want to stick to the classics, there is Bailey's Irish Cream, Amaretto di Saronno, Sambuca, the possibilities are endless! The glasses will melt slower if you previously chill/freeze its contents. And get ready for this fabulous tip-a-roo..... you can also melt chocolate, pour it into the molds, freeze, and you have CHOCOLATE cups of goodness!! How fun would THAT be??? With maybe some coffee flavored liqueur... (Chomp, chomp, chomp.) Dee-lish!!


  1. wow fifi! the chocolate cup idea made my mouth water! sounds fun!

  2. Or fill the chocolate cups with chocolate mousse.