Monday, September 20, 2010

Fashion, Bubble & Squeak


 Last fall, our friends & Aussie mates (Paul & Carolynn) schlepped their two girls and our two girls into Gotham City to have a look at NYC's first annual "Fashion's Night Out." Our 4 teenage fashionistas were immediately captivated! Between the eye catching displays, the celeb sightings, and the giveaways, etc. they quickly decided that this was the beginning of a tradition for them. So when Fashion's Night Out 2010 rolled around...the 4 girls carefully planned their strategy as to where to go and what to see. ( log onto the FNO website at

The girls also informed us that they were perfectly happy to take the train into the city themselves, and that we  need not accompany them. (Um, Hello!?!) Of course my "Mama Bear" instincts immediately kicked in, and I worked hard to manipulate things so that Randy, Carolynn & I could head into the city with them. Paul said he would meet up with us for dinner later, since his office is nearby.

I must admit, it was quite energizing to see the crowd of trendily dressed folks roaming around, cameras flashing, and just the overall vibe of excitement on 5th Avenue!

 We made our way over to Bergdorf Goodman, where several special events were taking place.

 After waiting in line to get inside, we could see that the store was clearly abuzz with things going on in all directions. As we made our way around taking in the sights, we headed upstairs where Mary J. Blige was introducing her new line of eye wear. What a mob scene!

Just as I saw Randy's knees beginning to buckle (a normal occurence when he is in a department store) Carolynn got a text message that Paul was outside and ready to meet for dinner. A look of relief came over Randy's face, and we made our way back downstairs. At this point there were security guys all over the place keeping the crowds moving! We bid our daughters a temporary farewell somewhere between the make up department and the Sarah Jessica Parker sighting.
By the time we met up with Paul, we were tired and hungry. He knew of a good restaurant, Quality Meats. It was just a few blocks away, and a place where we could relax and enjoy a nice dinner. (  We were seated right away.... and a fabulous meal ensued.

Instantly, the comfy atmosphere and funky filament bulb lighting (see photo) made me happy we picked this place! Our professional looking waiter was friendly and attentive. We slowly munched on the complimentary fresh melon with black pepper, and then the crispy, warm bread he brought us. I gradually felt myself recovering from the initial shock of the entree pricing...

I settled on ordering an entree with 3 little fillets of beef, each prepared a unique way. The side orders were served family style, and one of them was called Bubble & Squeak..... I was like, "Huh.??"  Paul explained that its a traditional British dish that came about using the leftover mashed potatoes, along with cabbage, and really any leftover vegetables from a big dinner. Those clever Brits managed to mix them all together in a fry pan with butter, and cook them until they "bubble & squeak"!

I have to say, the Quality Meats  interpretation of this side dish was beyond delicious! Here it is, pictured next to my 3 fillets, which also tasted incredible. Between the great food, the yummy martini, and the enjoyable company, I slowly forgot all about Fashion's Night Out....

But then it was back to reality! Time to locate our daughters/rescue them from the life size (human) Ken dolls they were photographing. It seemed that Fashion's night out could go on forever, but there was only so much we could do before it was time to head back home to New Jersey.

On the sleepy ride home, my mind began to churn about the possibility of making Bubble & Squeak myself. After doing some research on the Internet, I put together my own little recipe. With the cooler autumn weather approaching, right now is a perfect time for "comfort" food like this!


equal parts leftover mashed potatoes & cooked cabbage (I used savoy cabbage)
one onion, chopped
5-6 slices of  cooked bacon, chopped
1 tablespoon butter
2 eggs
vegetable oil & more butter

Thoroughly mix together the potatoes and cabbage. Then saute the onion and bacon in butter. beat the 2 eggs and mix into potato/cabbage mixture, then add the onion, butter and bacon. (Soundin' pretty good so far, eh?)

Heat a medium fry pan with some vegetable oil & butter until hot. Form all mixed ingredients into little patties and place into hot oil, one at a time. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Cook until browned on both sides. Transfer to serving platter and serve warm. (You can also put the entire mixture in the pan at once and stir around to cook, if you dont have time to cook it as patties.)

The best thing about Bubble and Squeak is that it's so versatile! It can be eaten for breakfast with eggs. Or, as a side dish for something like meatloaf or grilled sausages. Or just as a little snack, with maybe a dollop of sour cream and some mustard! Yum yum.  Bubble and Squeak is also a delicious and great way to sneak  more veggies into the diet.

Discovering this British specialty was a perfect way for me to remember Fashion's Night Out. My daughter on the other hand,  learned of a new brand of cosmetics called Paul & Joe. She tested a few of their products and decided she couldn't live without this adorable tube of lipstick (below). Can you blame her? Absolutely charming... almost too cute to use, right?
Here is the link:
Paul & Joe also has clothing for men, women, and kids. The products are all designed by Sophie Albou from France.

(Several of these photos were taken by my friend. Have a look at her Flickr!


  1. Love the recipe for bubble & squeak, not a favorite of mine but the husband always is asking.
    And thank you for the links to Paul & joe's.

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