Tuesday, May 3, 2011

NEGEEN Persian Grill, Summit NJ

Some nights, ya just gotta eat out....

Last week we went to Negeen Persian Grill with our friends Chris & Chrissie. It's an intimate BYOB right on Springfield Avenue in Summit (across the street from La Pastaria).  This was our first time trying Persian Cuisine, and we were very happily surprised!
First and foremost, we were warmly welcomed by Reza, our server for the evening. His warm smile and accommodating manner made us feel like we knew him already! We shared a bottle of chilled champagne (brought from home) as we looked over the menu.

We chose to start off our meal with Dolmeh (homemade stuffed grape leaves) Hummus, and Kashke Bademjan (sauteed eggplant with mint, onion, and garlic blended into a paste.) These delicacies arrived at our table with some unbelievable, (warm) homemade Persian bread. We also had a chopped Shirazi Salad made with fresh veggies and a parsley vinaigrette. So far, we were incredibly pleased with our selections.  The champagne was the perfect accompaniment!
Then it was on to our dinner entrees. Reza recommended the Kabobs as their house specialty! Our seasoned kabobs (which included lamb, filet mignon, chicken, and ground beef) were all served family style, with Basmati rice, along with more warm, delicious, homemade bread. The bottle of smooth red wine Chris brought was an excellent compliment to our tasty meal.
They also offered a selection of Persian stews. I enjoyed the Fesenjan Stew made with with chicken, pomegranate, and walnuts. This was also served with rice.

As if our tummies were not happy enough already, along came dessert!!! We requested Persian tea, as well as Baklavah. Reza offered us some Specialty Persian cookies (not on the menu). Everything melted in our mouths.....

We left feeling as if we not only enjoyed a dinner with friends, but a cultural experience as well.  If you are looking for something "a little different" for dinner...definitely give Negeen Persian Grill a try!  www.negeengrill.com 

                              (All fabulous photos compliments of Chris Skrod)


  1. Wow, that looks so floppin' good.

  2. Any Belly Dancers?